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Graduating Class of 2020

Our entire school family is proud of each of our Sixth Class girls. Though we will miss you, we know that you’re ready to move on and find new opportunities to shine, both inside and outside the classroom; new people to befriend and to meet new challenges with courage and determination.

I am particularly proud of you Class of 2020, because of how you have developed and demonstrated commitment to all the values we look for and nurture in a “St. Raphaela’s Girl”.

You are caring, considerate, creative and committed. You are hard workers; you’re not afraid to keep trying when you find something tricky; you are determined and considerate team mates; you are courteous and caring in how you treat those around you; you are talented in more ways than you know, yet you celebrate the success of your friends. You look out for each other and each one of you is a wonderful person to know.

You will take all of this to your next school and you will find your way in those hallways with as much courage and enthusiasm for learning and laughter as you have shown in ours. We are so lucky to have gotten to know you and care about you, and we thank you for the example you leave for the younger children who look up to you

My wish for your future is that you will be very happy in learning new things, in forming new friendships while cherishing your older ones, that you will be brave and open to new experiences and new ways of looking at things. You are moving away from us, but you will always be part of this school family and we look forward to hearing of your great successes and adventures.

Go neiri an bothar libh go leir.


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